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Healthcare Cyber-Security Vulnerabilities; More Than A Business Risk But A Risk to Patient Lives

Are healthcare organizations unknowingly putting patient lives at risk? Here is why healthcare leaders are paying more attention to how cyber-attacks affect patient care.
Healthcare IT

What Can We Learn From Last Year’s Record $28.7 Million in HIPAA Enforcement by the OCR?

$28.7 million is the record amount of fines paid in 2018 by healthcare entities for HIPAA violations. What can be learned from these enforcements?
Healthcare IT

Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit from Technology Vendors Who Meet SSAE 18 Standards

Compliance in healthcare is always changing and it's commonplace for third party technology companies to broadcast their expertise around healthcare regulatory compliance. Here is one way healthcare leaders can be better equipped to validate such claims.
Healthcare IT

Top 5 Technology Challenges in Rural Healthcare

Rural healthcare providers are facing tremendous obstacles on many fronts. Mandry Technology explores the latest top 5 technology challenges in rural healthcare.
IT for CEOs

15 Things I’ve Learned In My Time As A CEO

Thomas Mandry, Mandry Technology Solution's CEO, discusses 15 things he's learned after completing 15 years in a business.
IT for CEOs

How To Use an IT Assessment to Optimize Your Budget

In this article, we discuss how working with a team of professionals to evaluate your current IT landscape can help you create a fine-tuned IT budget.
IT Strategy

IT Outsourcing: Understanding Your Options

IT Outsourcing gives you access to the people, skills, and tools your company needs to scale without having to add to your headcount. Read this article to learn more about your options.
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