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Better to Prepare Than to Panic: How Businesses Can Chart a Course Through Uncertainty

Posted by Mandry Technology Solutions on April 28, 2020 at 2:54 PM

A mindset and an attitude of preparedness runs much deeper than responding to an individual crisis but creates a path forward toward building resilient, scalable, and flexible business plans to adapt to a wide variety of changing conditions well into the future. Businesses thrive on being able to create more opportunities and continuity/disaster planning can bring clarity to many situations especially in times of uncertainty. 

In 2018, a small growing community college in Texas embarked on a new challenge to pioneer a new educational delivery model where they would collaborate with other colleges and institutions to deliver online in demand educational programs to an entire region that otherwise would not have access to these courses. This new model allowed them to grow their student population, retain more staff, and remain competitive among some of the larger and more well-funded institutions in the surrounding area.

This initiative required an investment in their technology infrastructure that would bring a secure connection to supply over 500+ end users across 5 campuses and 17 distance learning classrooms across a large geographical region. Over the next few months after the project was complete, they experienced newfound success as they had also built new channels of revenue with partnerships that provided more redundancy and stability in being able to carry out their mission of educating students who are not physically located on their campuses.

Fast forward to today where the latest events have threatened the stability of almost every business and institution and has brought major uncertainty to the market and you will find this community college is not only operational, but has a foundation of secure and reliable access to resources while faculty and students alike operate in a more remote capacity. The investments and plans they made in 2018, has set them up for success as their ability to adapt to recent events has proven that business continuity planning and disaster recovery is more than just planning for what if scenarios, but rather asking how their business operations can remain flexible to deliver services and products to clients no matter what outside circumstances are happening. Recovery from a disaster scenario also becomes less painful if from the onset business leaders can create solid business continuity plans.

Business continuity is not just about mitigating risk but requires a commitment towards shifting or expanding operational business models when circumstances necessitate a change. We project many businesses moving forward will enact continuity and recovery plans into the overall picture of their operations rather than taking chances with no plans in place.

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