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15 Things I’ve Learned In My Time As A CEO

Posted by Mandry Technology Solutions on November 12, 2018 at 12:50 PM

1) If your priorities are in the right order, amazing things will happen: God, Family, Business.


2) Relationships are everything in business. Taking the time to personally connect can significantly impact how you work with your employee or clients for the better.

3) Losing a big customer is not the end of the world and in fact, sometimes it is healthy. It can spur you into even greater things and provide an opportunity to learn from failures.

4) Being a CEO is all about transitioning from doing everything in the early days of the company to delegating everything as the company matures.

5) Learn to find the value in failure. Instead of defeat, failure is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and create a better outcome.

6) Growth and innovation happens when you take risks. It can be a good sign if you're feeling uncomfortable.

7) Never let anything get in the way of a good night's sleep. True success is a long game; to go the distance, you need to reset and refocus every day.

8) A good leader creates other leaders. He doesn't "manage" his employees, rather he empowers them.

9) Company culture is more than great perks and a cool office. It is the how and why you do what you do.

10) Being a CEO is an extremely hard job. No amount of preparation or education is going to prepare you for the demands, experience, and wisdom that is needed.

11) I’ve learned that success requires both strategy and execution. The ability to reliably produce consistent results is so important for our customers.

12) Be prepared to adapt to change. The rate of change in the technology field is incredible.

13) Stay in touch with your employees, yet give them room to thrive. It will keep you engaged without micromanaging.

14) A lesson I learned early was to do what’s right for customers. Always be honest. Good things are sure to follow simply by keeping those you serve front and center, and placing their needs ahead of profits.

15) I have realized how important it is to appreciate life and the people you surround yourself with. Life is short.



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