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Complexity Should Not Prevent Business Leaders in Their Pursuit Towards Resiliency

Recovery is not easy but businesses are looking ahead to what’s next.

Better to Prepare Than to Panic: How Businesses Can Chart a Course Through Uncertainty

Business continuity is not just about mitigating risk but requires a commitment towards shifting or expanding operational business models when circumstances necessitate a change

Security at All Costs: Does Improper Data Protection Policies Create More Risk for Hospitals?

Healthcare entities are looking to bolster their data security measures due to increasing data security breaches and compliance demands, however if not balanced with the right approach to enable productivity, these efforts can be undermined.

Technology Challenges? What Every Healthcare Provider Should Know About Their Internal IT

Healthcare IT departments have moved well beyond solving daily technology problems to help shape executive decisions around areas of finance/budgeting, data security, regulatory compliance, and more.
Healthcare IT

Will Remote Geography Protect Rural Healthcare from Cyber Exploits?

Cyber attacks may be the last thing on the mind of a hospital administrator, especially if they operate in such a remote environment but when an attack happens it can unleash a nightmare scenario with devastating consequences.
Healthcare IT

Compliance Does Not Equal Security and Why Healthcare Executives Need to Know the Difference.

2019 is on track to surpass last year’s 365 record number of reported data breaches in healthcare and analyst are predicting this number to continue rise every year.
Healthcare IT

In the Wake of New ePHI Data Leaks; Healthcare Providers Rush to Identify Risks to Their ePHI Data

The sheer volume and complexity of vulnerabilities to ePHI data are staggering and many providers are finding it challenging to identify these threats.
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